I was using this plugin with a recent WordPress site.  It was used database result and Quicksand will show all results and then narrow based on categories.  A couple of challenges that I want to improve upon this is to create a mobile menu that uses quicksand to narrow your results.

I like using quicksand within WordPress but you have to create a plugin or set the javascript files into the functions.php file of your theme.  Calling the jQuery Quicksand is pretty simple:

$('#nav').quicksand( $('#navigation li') );


– The ui id of your menu/navigation


– The li id of your menu/navigation

The demos give an efficient example where I could see how to up the jQuery, the HTML and CSS code.  Also, this extension there the parameters to customize it for functionality and layout within the site.

My next article will be on how to mobilize the menu I want to use with this Quicksand plugin.